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Hello and welcome to my little bit of cyber space. I am Colin Stone and this is my site dedicated changing the world for the better. Before you do anything else please listen to this song from Marcella Detroit. Pay particular attention to the worlds. I think this song is amazing. Understand this song and you will understand what this site is all about.

About This Site
If you listen to the news, read a newspaper or generally access the internet you will see nothing but doom and gloom. Whether it is the mega rich people, mega rich industries or the corrupt or at best lying politicians you would be excused for thinking that the world if going down the crapper.

I believe that each and every one of us has it within us to help make the world a better place no matter who is in charge. I say in charge because it is debatable as to whether elected politicians are actually in charge but that isn’t a debate for this site. On this site I am to spread positivity, inspiration and love using anything and everything from fantastically uplifting music videos, stories and anything else to inspire each and every one of us to be a positive influence on the world. There is even a toy section as I really feel strongly that children will grow up as far more loving people if they have great childhoods. That begins with great toys and love. On this site there will be both.

I am passionate about health and fitness and I honestly believe that the shockingly bad western diet that most of us eat has a large role to play in why people are so stressed and depressed these days. There are very simple ways to counter this which is why there is so much on this site about weight loss specifically but health and fitness as well.

As of today I have limited it to the following categories although it will no doubt grow as I find other inspiring, positive and uplifting stuff to put on here.

Challenge Yourself
Change The World
Health & Nutrition (Inc Weight Loss)
Inspiring Songs
Inspiring Stories
Inspiring Videos
Just a Thought
Positive Mental Attitude
Weight Loss Tips
Words of Wisdom

I think we can all do something each and every day to make the world better which is why I wrote ‘Be Nice‘ which focuses on what we can do to improve the world. The list of suggestions is growing and are all very simple and easy to do. It shows you that there is no excuse to help improve the world for us all.

If you want to know more about me and this site then please visit the Q&A page and the About Me page. I would love to get in contact with anyone who feels the same way so if you do feel the same please get in touch using the contact me page. I look forward to hearing from you and I truly hope you enjoy the site. Oh and I am not a professional website developer. I am doing my best on this site so if you have any recommendations or suggestions please let me know. Enjoy.

Update: Please also check out my new website called Ultimate Toys where I review and recommend the best toys for parents so they can be sure to get the best toys for their children. This is a site built around my personal experience as a father.