Eat Real FoodThis website is all about weight loss, health and nutrition. In a world where much of what we are told is total bollocks I share the people, the videos, the articles, the books and the images that helped me learn what you need to do to not only lose weight but to gain amazing health and fitness. This site aims to look at what we are told and show what is right and what is not. I will use my own experience gained over 30 years. That is 30 years of trying and failing using the conventional methods and a few months of success using the methods I promote on this site.

It is actually really simple although not always easy (see photo for part of the answer). I for example am a sugar addict bought on I believe by being a highly sensitive person. Once I got a grip on that I was able to quit sugar and lose weight. It is amazing how good you can feel when you are feeding your body natural fresh food rather than the processed crap the food industry passes off as food.

Across the top of the site you will find the main pages and down the right hand side you will find recent posts, categories and archives. It is quite simple to navigate – of course it is I set it up.

There is a growing movement away from listening to doctors and dietitians for weight loss advice. They have been giving it for decades and the world has just got fatter. Same goes for the diet industry who offer ‘a solution’ but they too have had their time and failed. Now people are going to blogs and sites like this to listen to those who have been in their situation and who have succeeded. You wouldn’t listen to parenting advice from someone without kids so why take advice about weight loss from someone who hasn’t done it. Same goes for sugar addiction and HSP’s.

I truly hope you enjoy the site. You can find out more of my story on the about me page or use the contact me page if you have any questions, tips or suggestions to share.