No Grain, No Sugar & No Dairy Update

Over the last six months I have made every effort to cut out sugar but after a few weeks of being sugar free I somehow for whatever reason end up back snacking on a Milky Way or drinking beer (Not at the same time) while beating myself up about another failed attempt. It is only now that I have found out the amount of sugar in milk that I am beginning to understand why that was happening. Right now, I am grain free, sugar free and dairy free and I am finding it much easier. I do not feel like I … [Read more...]

Ryvita Original Crisp Bread 250G

There is a lot of what can only be called bullshit out there in the health and weight loss arena and in my opinion this is one such example. I wouldn’t normally do a post about something like this as I have only eaten it once and that was many years ago – I didn’t enjoy it. The reason I am is because Alcoholic Sue from our office eats them in her attempt to lose weight. She is a firm believer in the calories in calories out idea. Of course, she must work out five times a week to ‘burn off’ the … [Read more...]

My Views of Cancer and Chemotherapy

In early October 2014 my world took a major turn for the worse. Sitting at work with my mobile in front of me as I always do it began to vibrate. Looking at it I could see it was my mum calling. I knew at that moment that one of my biggest fears was about to be realized. Answering the call I already knew what was going to be said. Two weeks earlier my mum had gone to the doctors after finding a lump. He said it was probably nothing but wanted to send her for a checkup just to make sure. Today … [Read more...]

Why I Gave Up Bread

When I hear, people talk about bread they usually say one of two things. Firstly, that they absolutely love bread and two that they could never give it up. I understand this; I used to eat bread and never thought I could live without it for more than a day let alone go permanently without it but my opinion began to change a couple of years ago. Back then I would take one of two lunches to work. First there was the one I had taken for years which was 3 wholemeal rolls filled with chicken and … [Read more...]

Giving Up Alcohol – Dry January

One of the hot topics in our office was Dry January – well it was for a couple of days anyway. I was particularly interested this year because I am planning to go alcohol free for 2017. The office as always was particularly interesting. The people in our office can generally be put into one of three categories. Firstly, there is the don’t or barely drink. That is mainly the set of desks I am on which includes a Romanian woman, an Italian woman and a French woman all of which rarely drink. The … [Read more...]

Highly Sensitive People & Obesity

For me discovering that I was highly sensitive was a massive moment. I had spent so many years trying to just burn more calories than I was eating I didn't spend much time asking why I was eating so many. Even once I realised I was a sugar addict I didn't understand why. When I took the HSP test which is shown below I scored 100% and it was the first time in my life I had scored 100%. I was clearly highly sensitive and this was causing me stress that I had learnt to handle using sugar products. … [Read more...]

No Sugar and Dairy Challenge

Today is the first day that I am cutting out dairy on top of sugar as I am growing increasingly interested in whether my lifelong problem with eczema could be down to dairy. I have spent so much time focusing on cutting sugar I have not noticed the milk content of my cups of tea going up. I have had more than one comment about how white it is and they are right it is greeting crazy. I think that over the years I have tried to cut back on sugar. I even cut sugar out of my tea a few years ago. … [Read more...]

Dark Chocolate Stopped Me Sleeping

When you start trying to lose weight and get healthy dark chocolate might seem like a lifeline. It has nowhere near as much sugar in it which you can taste almost immediately. It is far more bitter and for most that means a couple of squares is enough – I was different. I could eat a whole 100g bar which had almost 600 calories and a couple of spoonsful of sugar. I stop at one because it really fills you up unlike milk chocolate but I can none the less eat the whole thing and this is a real … [Read more...]

Sugar Addiction Rocket

Over the years I have always regarded myself as a lover of chocolate. I have loved the stuff since I was a young child as I am sure many people do but as I got older I began to work out that it was a real problem. Although I love chocolate I also got into beer, cake and biscuits although not at the same time. It turns out my problem is actually sugar. Several years ago I made the connection between the chocolate I was eating and my weight issue although at the time I was thinking that it was … [Read more...]

Stress Management by Sadhguru

This video is only 5 minutes and 29 seconds long but it is well worth a look. When I first watched this which was all of 2 minutes ago I had to add it to my site because it teaches an important lesson. Sadhguru describes stress as "inability to manage your own body, your mind, your emotions and your life energies". Wow that is a very simple way to look at it but I dont think he is wrong. Could we be making stress out to be more complex than we think? Are we the cause? As an HSP who turns to … [Read more...]