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WelcomeHello and welcome to my site dedicated to showing people that weight loss doesn’t have to be challenging and is most certainly not impossible. I write this site from experience picked up over many years of doing it wrong and finally doing it right. I have put as much of my knowledge into this site as possible from what to eat, how to exercise and even a few tips for food addicts.

This site is split into two main parts. Firstly there are the main pages across the top of the page just under the header. These are the main pages that fit together like a jigsaw to form the ‘weight loss’ picture. The main pages are:-

LCHF / Real Food
Intermittent Fasting
How to Lose Weight

There are also in addition posts down the left hand side which go into various aspects in a little more detail. For example I talk about High Intensity Interval Training and have reviews of videos from the likes of Dr Robert Lustig, Gary Taubes and Dr Jason Fung; all are fantastically informative.

See my Resources page

The aim of this site is to show through my own experience what I have learnt and where I learnt it from. There are videos of lectures, suggested reading and links to websites that I have learnt from over the years.

There is also a number of posts about my own weight loss story so you can see for yourself that I don’t just talk about it – I HAVE LIVED IT.

If you would like to get in touch then please use the contact me page or read more on the about me page where I go into a lot more detail about my struggles.

I truly hope you enjoy the site and if you can think of any suggestions (Constructive) then please get in touch.