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Moving Towards Zero Carb

Over the past few years I have learnt a lot about LCHF. That is low carbohydrate high (or healthy) fat. At one point in 2015 I got really good at it and lost around 3 stone (42lbs). Sadly my sugar addiction came back to bite me in the butt and I have been fighting it ever since. Just lately I have … [Read more...]

Two Mile Running Challenge

To help with my one-mile challenge I decided to start running the two-mile challenge. This is simply because I think it will help my stamina to run twice the distance. My overall goal is still to beat my boss’s one-mile time of 5m 50s but mixing it up a little will keep my body guessing and … [Read more...]

Dr Zoe Harcombe PhD – Facts About Food To Help Real Foodies Fight Back

This evening I did what I do most evenings and scrolled through my twitter feed to find one very interesting one from Dr Zoe Harcombe PhD. It was interesting because it answers many of the questions I get asked when I mention to people I eat fat and cholesterol. It also points out that a lot of what … [Read more...]

The One Kilometer Rowing Challenge

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The One Mile Running Challenge – Month One

Lets get straight to it - What is the One Mile Running Challenge? Like anything in life motivation is a vital driving force. While any weight loss will come primarily from what you eat exercise does play its part. I find physical challenges are a great way to keep the motivation. It is almost as if … [Read more...]