About Me

I first nticed that I was overweight when I was eleven years old. I remmeber that night as if it were yesterday. I remmeber thinking that first thing in the morning I would go into the garden and ‘burn off’ the excess weight. Everybody knows to lose weight you just eat less and exercise more right?

30 years later and I am still trying to burn it off along with the rest that I have somehow managed to gain despite constantly trying to ‘eat less’.

The truth is the dietary guidelines are BULLSHIT. While on the surface they seem simple enough it is about time people started to ask this question – if it is so simply why do so many hundreds of millions of people fail constantly?

A few years ago I began a journey to discover what it really takes to lose weight, get fit and gain great health (There is more to health than being thin).

This site is all about my journey as I put into practice what I believe to be the answers. If you are struggling to lose weight then this site may well be just what you are looking for. I make no promises. I simply detail what I do and why as well as link to those experts who have done more for me than the crappy dietary guidelines.

What I Do NOT believe
Saturated Fat is Bad
Cholesterol is Dangerous
That all Calories are Equal
Eat Less, Exercise More to Lose Weight
Meat is Bad for Your Health

What I DO Believe
That Exercise is Essential for Good Health
Sugar/Carbohydrates are the Enemy
Weight Loss is about Lowering Insulin
Weight is Irrelevant

If you want to lose weight or have an interest in weight loss then why not take a look at the posts on my site as I explain what I do and why.