Moving Towards Zero Carb

Over the past few years I have learnt a lot about LCHF. That is low carbohydrate high (or healthy) fat. At one point in 2015 I got really good at it and lost around 3 stone (42lbs). Sadly my sugar addiction came back to bite me in the butt and I have been fighting it ever since. Just lately I have … [Read more...]

Two Mile Running Challenge

To help with my one-mile challenge I decided to start running the two-mile challenge. This is simply because I think it will help my stamina to run twice the distance. My overall goal is still to beat my boss’s one-mile time of 5m 50s but mixing it up a little will keep my body guessing and … [Read more...]

Dr Zoe Harcombe PhD – Facts About Food To Help Real Foodies Fight Back

This evening I did what I do most evenings and scrolled through my twitter feed to find one very interesting one from Dr Zoe Harcombe PhD. It was interesting because it answers many of the questions I get asked when I mention to people I eat fat and cholesterol. It also points out that a lot of what … [Read more...]

The One Kilometer Rowing Challenge

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The One Mile Running Challenge – Month One

Lets get straight to it - What is the One Mile Running Challenge? Like anything in life motivation is a vital driving force. While any weight loss will come primarily from what you eat exercise does play its part. I find physical challenges are a great way to keep the motivation. It is almost as if … [Read more...]

Jason Fung Therapeutic Fasting … [Read more...]

Ted Naiman Diet

If you are looking to lose weight or even just to improve your health then the foundation is always going to be diet. This video is great for showing you the affects on the body of the three macro-nutrients. It shows you how and why changing what you eat rather than how much is so important. I … [Read more...]

Ted Naiman Insulin Resistance … [Read more...]

Ted Naiman Exercise

This video is one of the best videos I have ever seen for one very good reason. For years I followed the eat less, exercise more idea. This meant that I walked for hours and I ran as much as I could training for 10k after 10k. The result was I lost a little weight but not as much as I should have. I … [Read more...]

Gary Taubes Why We Get Fat … [Read more...]