Ted Naiman Exercise

This video is one of the best videos I have ever seen for one very good reason. For years I followed the eat less, exercise more idea. This meant that I walked for hours and I ran as much as I could training for 10k after 10k. The result was I lost a little weight but not as much as I should have. I ended up quite weak for a six foot man with muscle imbalances.

I began to realize that my exercise should be for strength and fitness rather than a simple calorie burn. Exercise for weight loss is not what people think. It just makes you hungry and if you do not eat right you will get no-where. Food is the key to weight loss.

This video shows me that it is far better to focus on the quality of the exercise rather than the length of time you spend exercising. By increasing the right type of muscle you can work wonders and this is now how I train.

My experience backs up what he is saying which is why I recommend it.